What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? David Glen Eisley – The Lost Tapes (2001)

If you have read any of my recent blogs, you’ll correctly ascertain that in my opinion, David Glen Eisley has one of the best voices in rock n roll – fact. Today I am listening to an album that he released in 2001 called ‘The Lost Tapes’. There’s a little bit of a story behind this album so let me take you back a bit.  In 1988, Giuffria were in the processing of putting together their third LP, the follow up to 1986’s ‘Silk & Steel’. Several songs had been recorded. Enter one Gene $immons with his over inflated ego and bags of cash. Gene tells the boys to ditch the singer, rename yourselves House Of Lords and you can sign on the dotted line with $immons Records, but first, make sure everything is owned (c) Gene Simmons.  Whilst no one can dispute $immons’ ruthless business acumen, the fact that the Guiffria boys went along with the treacherous act of dumping Eisley speaks volumes about that that nasty human quality where one is blinded by thoughts of big stages, big tours, limos, chicks and dough…..sheer greed. The result ? Well, the amount of success that House Of Lords went on to have was negligible. They certainly didn’t sell out stadiums like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. You know why ? Cos they lacked the key ingredient  crucial to the Giuffria sound – the voice of David Glen Eisley.  Go listen to that first Giuffria album and tell me I’m wrong. As I mentioned, most of the tracks on this ‘Lost Tapes’ CD are from what would have been the 3rd Giuffria album (along with a few unreleased Dirty White Boy tracks) and of course a couple of tunes that turned up on House of Lords debut, though these are the originals with DGE’s vocals.  Accordingly, the personnel on this album include Earl Slick on guitar, Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot) and Pete Comita (Cheap Trick)on bass, Gregg Giuffria on  keyboards, Ken Mary (ex TKO / Alice Cooper) and Keni Richards (Autograph) on drums and Pat Torpey of Mr. Big on backup vocals too. If the six tunes destined for the 3rd ‘Giuffria album, highlights are many. ‘Are You Ready’ and ‘Stand Up’ in particular have that distinctive Giuffria sound – big heavy keyboards, melody galore and sweet vocals – AOR heaven. ‘Don’t Turn Away From Love’ is also great. If you are massive Giuffria fan – you will need this album for these 6 tracks.   The four unreleased Dirty White Boy tunes are just like the DWB album – blues ridden hard rock with some low down Earl Slick gee tar slingin’. It’s great to hear the House Of Lords material with David singing too. Check out David Glen Eisley’s web site today.

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