Rockbrat Remembers: Alan Lancaster and The Bombers

Coates, Lancaster and Brewster Photo: Denis Gray

When thinking back on some of my favourite gigs, I reckon 1988 and 1989 could be the most stellar of years. There was one band in particular, The Bombers, who we’ve written much about previously, whom me and the Cowboy always loved seeing live. In 2011, with live music at a low ebb, at least in my mind, it amazes me to think back to those days in late 1988, when you could see a rock band like the Bombers for free. That’s right free ! They were at that time doing a run of warm-up dates. The rhythm section was in fact Status Quo’s; Alan Lancaster and John Coghlin who had played to millions of people and whose solid backbeat was at the very core of the Quo sound. On rhythm guitar was the great John Brewster, he of the Angels fame who’d written some of the greatest rock songs – along with his brother Rick
and Doc Neeson – that you’re ever likely to hear. Brewster and Lancaster were fresh from a succesful stint with the Party Boys, who had tasted chart success in Australia and were a popular live draw card. Local guitar whiz Angelo Salter and amazing Perth vocalist Tyrone Coates completed this line-up, which was – in my opinion, a supergroup playing the local pubs. and man they cooked. It does not get any better than a cold beer, hot Sydney night and watching Alan Lancaster growl through ‘Roadhouse Blues’ in pub that was skaking with volume. The image displayed here of Coates, Lancaster and Brewster has been used on many sites online, however it was taken by Mr Rockbrat at the Crows Nest Hotel on Sydney’s North Shore. I didn’t shoot many images of the band and wished I’d done so, but this image is one I look back on fondly. The Bombers. Now THEY were a great rock band and I doubt I’ll ever see anything of that calibre doing free warm-up shows again.

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