Rockbrat Remembers: Gary Moore 4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011

The great Gary Moore - Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns

Like many other rock fans around the world, I was stunned to hear the news on Sunday night of Gary Moore’s death. Death is inevitable for all of us, yet when it occurs, particularly to those we know and love it comes as a shock. I never knew Gary Moore personally, though I have spent countless hours listening to his guitar playing over many many years. I owned several of his solo albums including Back on the Streets, G-Force, Victims of the Future, Wild Frontier and Rockin’ Every Night – Live in Japan. My favourite Thin Lizzy album happens to be the one that he did with Lizzy in 79, Black Rose: A Rock Legend. His guitar playing on this album is razor sharp, and standing alongside Scott Gorham, he was way cool. If you have never seen Lizzy’s concert from 79 on the steps of The Sydney Opera House, go check it out on DVD. Rockbrat and I used to love watching the video for ‘Out In The Fields’, the tune he did with Phil Lynott back in 85. Wild Frontier was a great album and the title tune and video I also remember fondly. His cover of the Easybeats ‘Friday On My Mind’ was another highpoint, with Bob Daisley on bass. So many great tunes, a lifetime in rock n roll. His legacy will be assured. Rest In Peace Gary Moore.

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