Rockbrat Remembers: McEnroe and Cash with the Full Metal Rackets

anyone for tennis ?

How did this end up in the Rockbrat collection ? I guess I purchased it out of curiosity more than anything else. If you were a hard rock devotee, and you dug your sports, you would’ve been aware that in the world of tennis, guys like John McEnroe, Pat Cash and deceased Vitas Gerulaitis were also capable guitar players. Cash used to check out local bands on the Sydney and Melbourne scenes and I can recall someone I worked with telling me he saw cash at the previous evening Lime Spiders gig some years back. Cash was a long time pal of Iron Maidens and was regularly thanked on the liner notes of their albums. With his long mullet and head band, you could tell from his tennis garb that he was a fellow rock soldier. And so it was that in 1990, that Pat Cash and the Superbrat (he coulda used that as his rock persona) teamed up with The Who’s Roger Daltrey and indeed the mighty rhythm section from Iron Maiden (McBrain and Harris) to re-record Zeppelin’s Rock n Roll track. I personally could do without ever hearing this tired old dog of a song again, and could’ve suggested a few better choices, but I believe the proceeds went towards Rock Aid Armenia so points for that I guess. Musically it ain’t half bad, and they are both competent musicians. Not the kind of thing I’d crank on the Rockbrat stereo every day, but good listening nonetheless.

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