Rockbrat Wonders: Which Rocker Wore The Most Ridiculous Wig ? Gene Simmons

'it's only right now - wig it up, wig it up'

Gene Simmons: Bass player. Reality TV Show star. Shrewd Business Man. Clichéd Songwriter. One of the most recognisable faces in the world of rock. In the early 80’s he also had dreams of being a Hollywood Film Star. He apparently was slated to play big Arnie’s character in Commando. In 1984, Simmons scored his first major film break, co-starring in the film Runaway with Tom Selleck. Unfortunately the long locks were no good for the role, so out came the scissors. At film’s end, there is a Kiss Tour to do, but big Gene now has the look of a bank manager ! (the cash would be safe with him). What to do, what to do ?! Maybe he asked the folically challenged Selleck for advice, as it’s common knowledge that our beloved former bat-winged demon was sporting a dead black cat on his melon for that tour. It looked a treat as well. Simmons has frizzy type hair but that skunk of his was as straight as can be. A dead giveaway. It’s a shame Paul Stanley wasn’t more observant of such things as some years down the track, a piece would also be on his shopping list. Geno wore a studded headband at times to shift attention away from the wig which woulda fooled many. It didn’t fool Mr Rockbrat. Uh uh.  Go watch the Animalize Live video and see for yourself (you may want to fast forward through his bass solo though – it’s about as interesting as a Chess marathon). A bass solo ! What were they thinking back then. Competent he may be, but he was no Billy Sheehan, no Stanley Clarke if you get my drift. Some years later, around 1988, I remember a well-known UK rock writer making fun of Gene and his wig after their Wembley Show. All the blinkered Kissers wrote in and gave the journalist a caning. Pathetic. He called it correct my friends. Hard rock musicians sporting wigs is as funny as all hell, and it don’t get any funnier than $immons. Oh yeah ! Next !!!

One thought on “Rockbrat Wonders: Which Rocker Wore The Most Ridiculous Wig ? Gene Simmons

  1. Gene had obvious hairline recession back in the 70s. Paul too. In Ace’s book he remarked how pre-concert makeup sessions were off limits to everyone though over time they allowed in a stylist to help those with “hair issues” prepare for the show. Both Ace and Peter were doing okay back then hair wise so they didn’t need any help. A friend of mine in the, an attractive young woman, attended a KISS convention and met Gene in person. As she was very easy on the eyes he pulled her in close and said his “hair” was like those early cornrow hair transplants. She said they were so obvious that he didn’t really seem to care that others knew it. My point being that after a certain point I think he stopped caring as he was able to pull in lots of women in any case. Must be nice.

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