What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? The Classic Rock & Metal Podcast

If you are looking for a Podcast that is in the classic hard rock/ heavy metal vein – then look  no further than the  “Classic Rock & Metal Podcast”. The show has been going for a few months and is now up to its 7th episode. It comes out once a month and let me tell you friends – if you dig the Rockbrat Blog, you will certainly enjoy this podcast. Unlike other podcasts, it is hosted by a guy who, like us, was there in the day and actually knows what he’s talking about. What I like about the show is that it is well produced, informative, the interviews are interesting, the rock n roll is GREAT – and most importantly – the show is structured and has a decent format. You get a classic track to start the show (last month was Hear ‘n’ Aid by Stars), up to date rock news (unless you can have the $20 price tag for an imported copy of Classic Rock magazine, this segment is indispensible), interviews (this month Tokyo Blade, Joey Tempest and Ricky Warwick) details of current releases and upcoming gigs too. It’s fast becoming my favourite podcast, and the first Monday of every month can’t come soon enough! Check it out here

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