What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? MIKE TRAMP – HYMN TO RONNIE (2010)

Mr. Rockbrat and I were massive fans of Ronnie James Dio – from the time we were 15 years of age. We were fortunate enough to see him on several occasions, and like others, we recognise that the voice of metal is gone.  I have heard a few tributes to him – but none of them come close to Mike Tramp’s heart felt tribute song called ‘Hymn To Ronnie’. The ex White Lion front man has done an amazing job with this song, and I don’t mind saying that as one who grew up listnening to Dio, I find this song quite emotional – though after reading some reviews, I’m not alone. Rockbrat and I saw Mike Tramp’s band Freaks Of Nature support Dio at the Hammy Odeon back in 93. Of the song, Mike Trampo said ” The song always needed to stand by it self and I never felt that I could include it in any form of commercial album”. This song belongs to all of Ronnie’s fans, it’s not just a tribute, its a Hymn, something much higher to fit the man with the true voice of rock’n’roll.” The song clocks in at almost 8 minutes long, and takes you through a magical journey of RJD’s life, and as I said, it has quite an impact. Keyboards were laid down by original RAINBOW keyboardist Tony Carey. You can download Mike Tramp & the Rock’n’Roll Circuz – Hymn To Ronnie from Eddie Trunk’s site here

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