Rockbrat Wonders: About Marty Friedman and Japan

To quote David St Hubbins "I've always wanted to do a collection of my acoustic numbers with the London Philharmonic"

Marty Friedman. What do you think of when you hear his name ? For most hard rock fans it’s Megadeth right ? For Mr Rockbrat, it’s Japan, Phantom Blue and Shrapnel Records. I used to own a record from 82, a comp on Shrapnel called U.S Metal Vol II with a young Marty included on there. He co-produced that great first record by Phantom Blue in 1989 and guested on their second as well. Of course he spent ten odd years with Mustaine and Megadeth. In Japan he picks up a lot of work on TV, and in other media. I turned on the TV yesterday and there he was guesting with the Tokyo Philharmonic. Is he ‘that’ good ? Why has he carved out a niche in Japan ? Or is it cos he is fluent in japanese ? I reckon it’s a bit of both. He certainly ain’t no Eddie Van Halen or Randy Rhoads in my book, but he is gifted and I take my hat off to him when it comes to the language. He is to be admired for that. If you live in Japan, his performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic will be broadcast again on Japan`s TV Asahi. On 2/26 at 6:30PM and 2/27 at 11PM. Read a recent Guitar World Interview here.

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