Rockbrat Introduces You To: The Refugees (Mr Ratboy’s new Tokyo outfit)

Mr Ratboy - once a Motorcycle Boy, now a Refugee

There is much to like about new Tokyo outfit The Refugees, who feature Sour Jazz (and ex-Motorcycle Boy/Marky Ramone’s Intruders) guitar slinger Mr Ratboy in the line-up. In a scene clogged with bands, merely content in cloning those who’ve gone before them, The Refugees have a unique style and sound all their own – and they are a fun band to catch live. If you are a fan of Japanese beat groups you will find them very much to your liking. Toss in some smoky bar room sax with straight-down-the-line garage rock – and you have The Refugees. The band consist of Go on vocals and saxophone, Tunko on drums, bass player Ohuchi and the amazing Mr Ratboy on guitar. Mr Ratboy’s resume is longer than a Nozomi Shinkansen and he is still one of the classiest guitar players around. His distinctive sound is a key ingredient to The Refugees. It’s a sound that also includes some stinging saxophone courtesy of vocalist Go. Already proving popular on the Tokyo live circuit, the band are currently in the studio recording 10 songs for future release (to be mixed by Daniel Rey no less). If you live in Tokyo go check them out live. You can view live video on Mr Rockbrat’s YouTube page. News, gig dates, live photo’s etc are all included on the band’s official MySpace page at


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