Rockbrat’s Websight Highlight: Spacewalk To The Comet

This promoter (known as Spacewalk To The Comet) is operating from out of Tokyo is making a name for themselves by bringing out many cool-school rock acts to Japan. They wouldn’t be Kiss Crazies with a name like that would they !? Even have the business name in Kiss type font (I wonder if $immons owns the Kiss font ? I’d bet he’s made a (money) grab for it ! If you check out their site, you’ll see the list of artists they’ve brought to Japan in recent years. Last month they put their hands in their pockets for an L.A Guns tour – featuring Tracii Guns (uh oh, remember what we said about guys in bands with chicks names – that’s him second from left on their homepage image – looking like he’s about to go for a spot of fishing). I would’ve gone but had to go grocery shopping. Former Maiden shouter Paul Di’anno, CJ Ramone, Steven Adler, Bruce Kulick – you get the picture ? If you live in Japan it might be worth bookmarking this one and keeping an eye out for future tours….

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