What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? BEADY EYE – DIFFERENT GEAR, STILL SPEEDING

UK rock outfit Beady Eye. Essentially Oasis minus Noel right ? Well the guys in Beady Eye might very well be standing in in the shadow of a giant but they sure as hell ain’t looking back, rather – if this album is anything to go by – they’re surging ahead on their own terms. The album opener ‘Four Letter Word’ is as good as any Oasis ‘classic’ and has some searing guitar work from the supercool Gem Archer. The track immediately sets the tone for the album and I imagine this track will be a definite live favourite. This album has some great straight forward tunage like ‘The Roller’, ‘Standing On The Edge Of The Noise’ and the rollicking ‘Sons Of The Stage’ which could be a nod to the past complete with the “You gotta get down to the noise and confusion” lyric. Mr Rockbrat digs it. However it’s the tender songs which won me over. ‘For Anyone’, ‘Kill For A Dream’ and the truly amazing ‘The Beat Goes On’ (which should be a single) are all top shelf. Our Kid’s come a long way since his ‘Little James’ effort of a decade ago, and it’s been all up and up. How can anyone not like the 60’s inspired beat on the tune ‘Beatles and Stones’ ? Liam (and Noel) has long been a fan of both acts so why the hell not pay further homage via a song ? Overall it’s a freakin’ great record from a band I’m looking forward to seeing live soon. The question remains: In this current dreary state or music are Beady Eye the new saviours of rock n roll  ? Well I’m not so sure. But I do know that as long as Liam Gallagher – (one of the last genuine rock n roll stars left alive) is releasing new music and still swaggering behind his microphone stand on stages around the globe, that the future of rock n roll is in very safe hands. 9 out of 10

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? BEADY EYE – DIFFERENT GEAR, STILL SPEEDING

  1. Further to my review – this album is just as good as the last two Oasis album’s, though you are not supposed to compare Beady Eye with Oasis right ? It may as well be December because this is my album of 2011 folks….

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