Rockbrat Introduces You To: The Neurotic Spiders

Tokyo's Neurotic Spiders - Down On The Street and Down To Kill !

Mr Rockbrat was in his favourite Tokyo Record store recently one quiet Sunday evening and asked the staff to ‘play me something cool I may not know’ ! So the owner grabs a CD and says ‘have you heard this ?’ He cranks this particular album at full tilt and damned if it didn’t measure on the richter scale. That’s not a great thing round these streets folks, but in terms of rock-voltage, the songs hit me with such force that I was immediately impressed. It’s something which doesn’t happen much these days – at least not to this weary old rock dog. Fired up I ask for the band’s name. The Neurotic Spiders. Remember it. In a city of shit, non-sensical band names, a cool name like that gives you full marks my friends. Motorhead meet the Stooges ? You’d better fucking believe it. They are inspired by Rose Tattoo and Angel City as well and it shows. In a sea of Tokyo punk bands who think cloning the Ramones is the only way to go, these guys are steering their ship on a course all their own.  The Neurotic Spiders formed in late 2005 and since that time have garnered a reputation as one of the meanest and loudest bands on the Tokyo live circuit. A bit over a year back, they released their aforementioned debut album – a self-titled effort on the Nicotine Record Label. It’s produced by well-known Tokyo guitar virtuoso Mr Ratboy (why isn’t he as popular as Marty Friedman in Japan – he’s got the looks and chops) who also guests on a couple of songs. This three-piece (Kiddo/Toma/Suzuki) unleash a similar fury in the vein of much-loved Antipodean trios like Red Shift, The Onyas or Cosmic Psychos. High praise but deservedly so. A-grade marsupial punk coming out of Tokyo ? Why the hell not ! The Neurotic Spiders are currently working on a split 7″ with Melbourne outfit Muscle Car. Major kudos to the staff of Shinjuku’s Barn Homes for still appreciating loud and honest, no bullshit rock n roll. Official MySpace page is here and if you happen to be in Tokyo in May, the Neurotic Spiders are playing Club Mission’s in Koenji on the 15th. Yeah hup !

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