Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Kiss Cassette Collection

Kiss cassettes all round !

Listen up all you young pin-heads who live in an age where obtaining rock music revolves around a keyboard and freakin’ mouse. I introduce you to the humble audio cassette. Scoff if you will, but I grew up in the age of vinyl and cassettes. Even had a couple of 8-tracks from the late 70’s before they were fazed out. I’m not gonna whine on here about the digital age of music cos it’s a stale argument, but nowadays many kids can nab an album, give it a quick ‘listen’ and then delete the thing in a matter of minutes. That is not a rock fan. It’s a person raised by computers and large flat screen TV’s for whom listening to an album is on par with downloading your Anti-Virus updates. But Mr Rockbrat is getting off track. I had quite a cassette collection including a large Kiss (and family) gathering. You Kiss-zombies out there will note that the majority of them are indeed Australian pressings and issued by Astor Records. This photo has been cropped so sadly the Vinnie Vincent Cusano albums missed out. They represent a great era in my rock life when loud rock n roll ruled. Hell I even bought 1985’s fashion-nightmare Asylum. Interesting to note that Kiss brought back the ‘purple for Paul, Red for Gene, Green for Eric (was Criss’s color) and Blue for Bruce (was Ace’s color) theme for that album’, which was very much 1970’s Kiss . Ack – time to pack up the antfarm cos here comes my train !

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