Spare A Thought For Mr. Rockbrat – currently in Japan

At 2 pm (Japan time) on Friday the 11th of March, Mr Rockbrat made contact with Cowboy Col and was excited at the prospect of seeing Iron Maiden at Saitama this Sunday night. 45 minutes – all hell broke loose. You’ve all no doubt seen the immense damage and destruction on the NE of Japan. Friends and followers of the Rockbrat blog may know that Mr. Rockbrat is currently living in Japan – In one of the prefectures that has suffered bad earthquake damage. Cowboy Col has been unable to  make contact with Mr. Rockbrat since that time – yet earlier today Mr. Rockbrat did get word out that he was OK. Though with no electricity, water, transport and damaged infrastructure – it’s fair to say that significant challenges lay ahead. Iron Maiden have cancelled there shows in Saitama. Spare a thought and prayer for all those in Japan who have been impacted by this catastrophic tsunami. .

2 thoughts on “Spare A Thought For Mr. Rockbrat – currently in Japan

  1. It is indeed a great tragedy, Though its a blessing Mr Rockbrat is OK under the circumstances.

    Wishing your doing well Mr Rockbrat and all the best Cowboy Col.


    ~ Marc

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