Rockbrat News Flash! Nikki Sudden Autobiography published!

At last the full story! This has been a long time coming – but Nikki’s posthumous autobiography is finally published.  As told by Nikki himself. Nikki had been writing his book for years before handing the finished manuscript over to his trusted friend Simone just before he set off on his last visit to New York. The book was initially published only in Italian but now the time has come for the English version to be released through Easy Action Records. Part diary part autobiography there are a limited amount of these books being pressed up so get yours now! What’s even better, the book is accompanied by a compilation album entitled “Play With Fire” which contains carefully selected and completely unreleased songs that had originally recorded for Nikki’s last two studio albums “Treasure Island” and “The Truth Doesn’t Matter”. The Liner notes for Play With Fire have been written by John Barry and the booklet features never before seen photos taken during the recording sessions of his last two albums. As always, an impressive array of musicians are playing alongside Nikki: John Barry, Stephane Doucerain, Terry Miles, Justin Farrow, Darrell Bath, Einar Stenseng, Bruno Adams, Elisabeth Wood, Derek Shirley, Dave Kusworth, Anthony Thistlethwaite, Paul Brook, Carl Eugene Picot, Trevor Godfrey, Tarka, John Rivers, Marie-Therese McCormack, Richard Evatt, Danny Hole, Chris Damien Doll, Phil Shoenfelt, Ian Wadley, Tudor Vernon, Chris Hughes, Captain Sensible and Mark Mullholland.

Nikki’s autobiography is available either as a standalone book (£16.00) or together with Play With Fire (£24.00) and can be ordered directly by visiting the Easy Action Records website. Nikki Sudden recorded an album for Vicious Kitten Records and appeared on two compilation CD’s and a Freddy Lynxx single. I miss him and his music – I think he would be happy that this book has finally seen the light of day. Guys like Nikki Sudden can never be replaced. Essential.

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