Rockbrat Remembers: Nikki Sudden – Who Died Five Years Ago Today 26/3/2006

When I was running Vicious Kitten Records in the 1990s, five artists dominated the roster. They were Kevin K, Freddy Lynxx, Jeff Dahl, Rick Blaze & the Ballbusters – and Nikki Sudden. I was fortunate that through the label, I got to know Nikki Sudden. Nikki released an album for Vicious Kitten, “Red Brocade” in 1999, and had tracks on the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll War’ compilation albums, and appeared on the B Side of a Freddy Lynxx single. As a Johnny Thunders disciple, it was natural that I gravitated to other musicians who were linked with or inspired by Thunders. Nikki was one. He’d already had a long career since the late 70’s with art punk outfit Swell Maps, before teaming up with the still underrated Dave Kusworth in the prolific Jacobites. I had some of his solo albums too. The 1995 album the Jacobites released called ’God Save Us Poor Sinner’s’ is superb Stones style raunch. Recommended. I corresponded with Nikki a lot over the years. I have several letters and faxes that Nikki sent me over the years, stuff that was to do with the record label, but also personal stuff as well, such as Christmas Cards and the like. Nikki was a genuine and considerate person, always giving of his time and happy to talk about his music and always – the Stones. I still have some copies of his old ‘Cheapside’ newsletters somewhere too. Nikki was gracious enough to provide a telegram at my wedding too. As I said, a decent person, a great musician, a great writer, and his loss is still felt by me and others around the world. His book is now out, and some posthumous CDs have also been released, so it’s good to see that there is interest  still in the man and his music – may it continue on. Today we remember Nikki Sudden, who sadly passed away 5 years ago today. Never forogtten. Rest In Peace.  Check out the video for ‘Great Pharoah’ here.    

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