Rockbrat Wonders: Why are Deep Purple working with a symphony in 2011?

We've always wanted to work with the London Philharmonic - note Ian Paice's rug.

Heavy metal’s fossilised fathers Deep Purple are to be backed by a 30-Piece Symphony Orchestra on their North American tour starting in early June. The question needs to be asked though. Why? Ian Gillan is what, 67 years of age now, when is enough enough? Taking a leaf out of the David St. Hubbins book, the tour is called, “A Night With Deep Purple And The Songs That Built Rock”. Yawn. The songs that built rock? That’s a bit of an overstatement isn’t it. What a bunch of sad old gits. In 2011, Purple are hardly relevant, and should be content to put the Purple legacy to bed. Purple sound terribly dated – fact. Don’t get me wrong, I love the early Purple stuff, and I really dig the Tommy Bolin, ‘Come Taste The Band’ period, but mixing rock ‘n’ roll with Beethoven and symphonies is such a desperate act of a band who is out of ideas yet still wants the cash grab. It has nothing at all to do with the spirit of rock n roll. Metallica, Ki$$ (no surprises there), and I’m sure the equally outdated Ozzy must have done a symphony rock thing by now). I really don’t get the Purple obsession nowadays. To coin an oft used Mr Rockbrat phrase, in 2011, Ian Gillan is ‘hard listening’. Thirty years after Hanoi Rocks debut album, Michael Monroe  is still putting out vital and incredible rock n roll – and as a live outfit, his band really smoke. There’s a reason for him to still be around. Purple are the antithesis of this. Give it away already. Do we really need to be hearing ‘Smoke On The Water’ in 2011? With an orchestra? What kind of person pays hard earned money to see this kind of dross? Next!

2 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Why are Deep Purple working with a symphony in 2011?

  1. Wait a minute. Ozzy is not dated.

    The annoying thing, regardless of the band, is to quit writing new stuff and just trot out the oldies. With Deep Purple in particular, Roger Glover and Steve Morse on BANANAS had some energy that had been missing for ages, and I really wanted to hear what they came up with next. So much potential. I guess they wasted it, based on what you tell me the band’s doing now. Sigh.

    1. Ozzy’s not dated? He’s certainly not cutting edge either. He’s a reality TV star nowadays, as is his whole family. Again – the common demonitar ? $$$$$$. Let’s call a spade a spade here Michael – Ozzy’s best solo work was his first couple of solo albums with Rhoads. He never surpassed those – which is why he has re released them – WITHOUT the bass playing of Bob Daisley, all edited out. People will front up to see Purple regardless of what the set list is – nostalgia sells huh….

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