Rockbrat Introduces You To: The Rick Nielsen Signature Hamer

To escape the continuning aftershocks and radiation worries, Mr Rockbrat was recently gazing over some nice axes recently in a recycle store here in Japan. From a distance, the guitar which first caught my eye was an orange hamer. ‘Looks similar to one which Cheap Trick’s legendary Rick Nielsen uses’ I thought and lo and behold, on closer inspection, it was an actual Nielsen signature model. Damn nice. I ogled it in appreciation as did the lanky teenage boy beside me. If my language was better, I would’ve told the youngster of the times I saw Cheap Trick and that Mr Rick Nielsen is one of the best there is. Or the time when Mr Rockbrat and the Cowboy got our mugs on film many times during that ‘live in Australia 1988’ DVD. Great days. If one of the Cheap Trick zanies or a Hamer guitar antfarmer reads this post, how’s about letting us know how many of these were issued and if that price is a good deal.

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