Rockbrat News Flash: Quiet Riot and Warrant Pull Out Of Australian Tour

In the ‘does anybody really care’ department, comes news that Warrant have now pulled out of the ‘Metal Health 2011’ Australian tour where they were meant to headline after Quiet Riot announced their drop off of the tour. The promoter, Intense Impact states, “It is with much regret that we announce that Warrant are not budging and refusing to honour our contracted and booked tour?! Warrant, along with Quiet Riot, are also refusing to return their performance fee deposits we paid them in advance + return the costs of their airline tickets that once we cancel are non-refundable. Intense Impact has exhausted every avenue. There is no reasoning with unreasonable ego’s. A replacement band will be announced within 24 hours. Any angry and upset Warrant and Quiet Riot fans please direct your comments to Warrant and Quiet Riot websites and understand we have done all we possibly can above and beyond the call of duty to honour not just the bands, but you fans as well.”. Yawn. How can you have QR without Dubrow anyhow? Or Warrant without Janie Lane ? Hats off to the promoter for putting their money into a tour like that but a big thumbs down to both Banali and Warrant. You cats should be thankful that some people want to pay to see your counterfeit, fourth gen. copy bands in 2011. Check the calander (and the hair line), it ain’t 1991 no more dude! Anyway, Phil Lewis, the perennial stalwart has come through, with LA Guns now headlining a revised and renamed tour called ‘SEX ACTION 2011 (Formerly Metal Health 2011)’. If I get a ticket for 10 bucks, I may consider it.

4 thoughts on “Rockbrat News Flash: Quiet Riot and Warrant Pull Out Of Australian Tour

    1. I agree with you Bucko, the promoter is obviiously trying to salvage whatever they can out of this. It’s a pity cos I was actually looking forward to seeing QR, even if it was only Banali. Reminds me of other ‘no shows’ Ive seen in Canmberra over the years – scuh as the Lita Ford no show at the Southern Cross Club at Woden a few years back – or the Symphony Of Rock no show when Roger Daltrey got hit by a car or something…..

      1. really Lita Ford shit , i would have been to that in a flash … yeah its no LA GUNS and Dyrfreme or somthing like that a 90.aussie band I’ve never haerd of them

  1. Australia is a hell of a long way for a band to play a toilet. Warrant were attrocious in 92 and someone here at Station 51 tells me the Cowboy and Mr Rockbrat walked out on that Hordern show. Here’s hoping the great Mike Monroe flies downunder after his upcoming Japan shows.

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