Rockbrat Wonders: Which rock songs sound the most dated ? (Part 2)

Hey Eric - wake up !

Mr. Rockbrat recently posted a blog entitled ‘Which rock songs sound the most dated ?‘ I concur on several of those entries, particularly ‘Black Night’ ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Paranoid’ and ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’. His inclusion of Leather Tuscadero’s ‘Devil Gate Drive’ (get outta there Joanie ya mutt), was also spot on, whilst other glam greats from that era such as those by Slade never get any airplay. Most playlists on ‘Classic Rock’ stations are lo-cal, sparse of any semblance of variety, and omit some truly great ‘classics’. Why can’t I hear stuff like ‘Kids In America’ or ‘Chequered Love’ by Kim Wilde, some Quo, or Ian Hunter, or Dave Edmunds (other than ‘I Hear You Knocking’). Why can’t I hear more Cheap Trick, early Foreigner, ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ by Joe Walsh or ‘The Old Man Down The Road’ by John Fogerty? Why not indeed. I do enjoy hearing stuff by The Babys although it’s only ever ‘Isn’t It Time’ or ‘Every time I Think Of You’. Stuff like ELO always sounds great. Good song writing always endures. Yet further twiddling of the AM dial gave me a bunch more contenders for inclusion under the ‘Which rock songs sound the most dated ?‘ banner – so here goes.

Mr. Rockbrat already had a Crapton tune in there, but man, every time I hear ‘Layla’ by Derek And The Dominos I quickly change the station. More plod going on here than under the entire Sun Hill Station roof. Plod, plod plod. Van Morrison – Sheesh. Would you make room in the bomb shelter for Van ? I wouldn’t. I’d have him outside with Billy Joel. With the exception of the great ‘Gloria’ by his other outfit, Them, most of Van’s stuff has not aged well. If I hear stuff like ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ or ‘Bright Side Of The Road’ again, spare me. I love Jimmy McCullough’s stuff with Macca, but Thundercrap Newman’s ‘Something In The Air’ also ranks highly in the plod stakes. It sounds tiresome in 2011, cutting edge in the late 60’s, but better off left there. Mr. Rockbrat already had one Cream tune, but I’m gonna chuck another in. ‘White Room’. In its day, this commercial psychedelic hit showcased Crapton’s guitar playing very effectively, yet you need to remember that Hendrix was a better Strat player than Eric, and Tommy Bolin was also right up there with him in the supreme Strat men stakes. I could also have included ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, but that’s more so that it blows rather than aged. Crapton and reggae. Where’s my gun? Everybody know – Cowboy Col HATES reggae. OK, how about ‘Venus’ by Shocking Blue (dated!) This may have been happening in 1967 with a head full of LSD but in 2011, it’s psychedelically boring. How could Mr. Rockbrat leave out The Troggs ‘Wild Thing’? Man this sounds so old you can hear it creaking. Why not play The Troggs Tapes instead ? Sad old gits. How can I not include a tune by Billy Joel? I don’t mind ‘It’s Still Rock n Roll To Me’, but if I never have to hear ‘Piano Man’ again then that’s a good thing. Bill has a few tunes I could nominate, including the sickening ‘My Life’, or the just as bad ‘Matter Of Trust’. I dig the Eagles, and all that early 70’s West Coast Americana shtick, but ‘Desperado’ is the pits. Elton is also not spared. ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ etc are indeed classics, but all I ever seem to hear is the ridiculous ‘Crocodile Rock’. In the early 70’s he/she was singing about 50’s rock n roll. How dated do you think that sounds nowadays? Plenty. Don’t hurt little Crystal. (As an aside, I could have also included Hall & Oats ‘Maneater’. Ahem. Better leave well enough alone). And Lastly, Lou Reed. His 1972 album Transformer’ was a blue print for a lot of the NYC punk bands that came along not long after, (consider though that that great Ronno and Kalue Voorman play on the album – both non New Yorkers) but Walk On The Wild Side’ sounds dilapidated nowadays. It may have shocked folks in the bible belt in the early 70’s with it’s lyrical content, but nowadays?

Other songs I don’t care If I ever hear again ? ‘Red Red Wine’ by UB 40, Carly Simon – ‘You’re So Vain’. Did you know that this song was written about Warren Beatty? How about ‘Drift Away’ by Dobie Gray or ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ by Joni Mitchell – OVERPLAYED! What about ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley (see above re: reggae). What do you think rockbrat readers ?

 1) Layla – Derek and the Dominos

2) Van Morrison – Brown eyed girl

 3) Thundercrap Newman – Something In The Air

4) Cream – White Room

5) Shocking Blue – Venus

6) The Troggs – Wild Thing

7) Billy Joel – Piano Man

 8) The Eagles – Desperado

 9) Elton John – Crocodile Rock

10) Lou Reed – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

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