Rockbrat Remembers: The world of rock video in the early-mid 80’s

November shoulda been there !!

In 2011 mostly anything can be viewed online. Almost always instantly. Let’s say you are a thirteen year old kid and you dig the Foo Fighters. Jump onto YouTube and you can spend the next few hours watching tons of their video material (personally, I’d rather run my hand down a cheese grater but that’s another story). But alas old friends it was not always this simple. Being a Kiss and HM disciple in the early 80’s (and in Australia no less) meant viewing video content of my favourite bands was nearly impossible. The was some bootleg VHS tapes doing the rounds of Kiss fans, but some of the material had been copied so much that the colour had drained ! Having said that, to re-watch the November 1980 Australian Tour and the associated footage was indeed gold. I did not know of anyone in 1980 who owned a VCR and I doubt that their living room would’ve been large enough to accommodate the thing ! I can vividly recall watching Kiss on Countdown performing ‘Is That You’ before their Perth concert as it was broadcast and being floored. It was great to be able to relive this some time later. There was also assorted Kiss clips from the 70’s and TV appearances like Solid Gold in 1981 and the hilarious Tom Snyder interview from 1979. I played that video tape to death. Buying video tapes were also out of the question as they were very expensive. Most were in the $29.99 – $39.99 price range. Outrageous. Back in the mid-80’s import stores in Sydney and Melbourne would sell import VHS tapes for like $80 ! Sound the shark alarm kids ! Hey I blew my pay packet on Krokus live in Paris ! My point is that is was not easy to get ahold of rock video unlike now. But once again, I cherish my memories and reckon we had far greater fun watching a re-watching the few rock tapes we  owned. Actually where’s that old tape got to…time to welcome back an old friend and reel-ive the rock memories I think !

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