Rockbrat News Flash: Japan Rock Report #1

flier for Maiden's cancelled March shows

Thought it would be kinda neat to write some ramblings about what’s happening in Japan’s rock scene. I’ll try to do them often. Well many major rock acts, including the likes of Slash, Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Beady Eye all cancelled their recent tours as a result of the massive March 11th earthquake. Slash did play one show I heard before departing. Bizarrely, Kiss did briefly announce a tour and then called it off before the quake occurred. Maiden, as you may’ve read were apparently flying into Tokyo via EdForce One at the time of the earthquake and were rerouted to Nagoya Airport instead. They left the next day. Michael Monroe and his all-star band featuring Ginger, Sammi Yaffa and Steve Conti hit Japan soon and I have a ticket for their Tokyo gig in early June. Hardcore Superstar are supporting. Bar bound I think ! Will try to file a live review after that. One thing which is noticable from days gone by is the death of the music store, much like the rest of the world. Even the supercool bootleg stores around the West Side of Shinjuku have either moved to smaller premises or gone outta business. One scene which shows no sign of fading away is the tribute band phenomena. There are so many doing the clubs around Tokyo it’s nuts. Cramps, Crue, Maiden, Pantera, Scorpions, Oasis, AC/DC, Beatles, Stones…you name it. I checked out a Maiden (Iron Eddies) and Sabbath (Blood Sabbath) tribute recently at a cool live rock venue in Kichijoji called Cresendo – which was good fun. August has the big summer festival ‘Summersonic‘ on in both Tokyo and Osaka over the one weekend. The line-up is fairly weak, but if you are 14 years old you’ll probably go nuts. The Strokes, Beady Eye, X-Japan, Suede, Korn, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and even Bow Wow Wow as some of the acts.

mid-80's Japan outfit Rajas

Nothing to grab my attention there I’m afraid – apart from Liam’s hot new outfit. Beady Eye have re-scheduled their cancelled gigs for later in the year as well.  This issue’s rock recommendation?! Am currently listening to mid-80’s hard rock outfit RAJAS, and their album from 1985 called ‘Turn It Up’. Rockbrat Recommended !

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