Rockbrat Wonders: About Metallica Monopoly – Pall Mall to The Bay Area

No Life Till Park Ave

And just released this week is the Metallica Monopoly Game. One of the world’s most popular board games, Monopoly, has been customized to celebrate the history and music of Metallica. Who would have thought it huh. In my humble opinion, if ever a band distanced itself from its original sound, fan base and classic early 80’s thrash/speed metal past it’s this band. If you could have told me back in 1984 that the name Metallica would become as household as Coca Cola or Corn Flakes I would have certified you potty and if I was in LA, asked Jon and Ponch to hit you with a 5150, yet in 2011 – Metallica is simply a brand name. In my memory, I recall when they were breaking through into the big time. Hearing album’s like ‘Kill Em All’ and ‘Ride The Lighting’ for the first time (when they were released mind you) was something special. I bought these albums import, when they were on an independent Canadian label, before they signed to a major. Musically, they were landmark albums, and you could just tell that the sound was special and they would go all the way to the top of the metal stakes. Not once did I think they’d cross over to the mainstream like they have and become as big as they have. I find it all quite bizarre. I remember scratching my head when they had their ‘alternative’ period with Hammett donning facial piercing and make ups. At the end of the day though, I don’t really care. I haven’t bought a Metallica album since ‘And Justice For All’. They were great days in the eighties, and the younger ones might think of those days as retro, but this band ain’t a pinch on what they were back then. Like $immons and $tanley, it’s true corporate rock. Speaking of which, it comes as no surprise to learn that a KI$$ Monopoly also exists – and there’s a board game too. Rock n Roll All Nite – party every zzzzzzzzz. Sorry, nodded off there. So yes, a Metallica board game. Do not pass go – do not collect $200. Next!

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