What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Ronnie Wood Radio

I’m often on the lookout for decent quality podcasts or internet radio shows. After 400 odd shows, I think that the Rock n Roll Geek Show (which was one of the better podcasts) has gone off the boil, and with both Mr. Rockbrat and Cowboy Col devoid of the time required to put together some new Rockbrat Radio shows – the listening lounge was starting to look somewhat bare. The Classic Rock and Metal Podcast is a good one, (although that comes out monthly), as does Glambone, which caters for a specific genre anyway, being Sunset Strip hair metal. Since February though, I have been listening to the Ronnie Wood show – and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a weekly show, with Ronnie sitting in the studio with his guitar, spinning a bunch of tunes as well as interviewing interesting guests (such as Kenny Jones or Steve Jones). He plays a lot of different stuff, including a lot of blues/jazz greats from the 40’s. Woody, along with Randy Rhoads and Johnny Thunders, is one of my three all time favourite guitar slingers and he’s always been cool. Whilst he’s been in the press in recent times more for his personal life (yet who can blame him for dating women a third his age?) than his musical life – he returned to rock n roll in a big way in late 2010 with his radio show, and the release of his current album, ‘I Feel Like Playing’. I’m an unashamedly biased Ronnie Wood man – so I was always gonna enjoy his radio show, yet I’m not the only one. At the recent British Sony Radio Academy Awards, Ronnie Wood was named one of Britain’s leading DJs and picked up the gong for Music Radio Personality Of The Year. Head to ronniewoodradio.com and see what all the fuss is about.

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