Rockbrat Wonders: Saxon – and why some heavy metal fans don’t get the joke

Nothing to laugh at here folks - not bloody much! No striped spandex fellas ?
Nothing to laugh at here folks - not bloody much! Can you name this band ?

As anyone who has read this blog will know – many of the articles are written with a healthy dose of humour throw in. Life gets serious enough, and you’ve got to laugh at something when it’s genuinely funny. Some pretentious, self absorbed geezer who takes themselves way too seriously is a prime candidate – and why not ? If you can’t laugh at yourself and see the humour in things then happy trails to you – I guess.  When Spinal Tap was released in 1984, Paul Stanley commented, “Take the movie with a grain of salt”. How funny is that? KI$$ were the living embodiment of Tap in 84 and it was THEY who needed to be taken with a grain of salt. Shark Sandwich, Rock n Roll Creation, Asylum. If I heap scorn on someone’s appearance, like Vince Neil or Yngwie getting fat – don’t take it too seriously OK. I love the music of those guys and have seen both of ’em live and have owned all their albums, so keep that in perspective. Mr Rockbrat and I LOVE heavy metal, we were raised on it and were rock soldiers committed to the cause, denim, patches, white runners – the whole bit. Read through these posts and you will see that they are also written with immense integrity and knowledge of rock n roll…..BUT, as I said from the outset, if you can’t take the piss out of your rock hero once in a while and knock the ego down a few pegs, then sheesh – I dunno what to say for you. Case in point. I wrote a post about Saxon – one of the most ridiculous looking bands in heavy metal (View it here). I have a sense of humour and although I love Saxon’s music, they looked bloody ridiculous! Heavy metal fact was always funnier than fiction. Great music, but some of the outfits and hairstyles of the genre – HA! Anyway, it would seem that there is a Saxon tribute web forum in one of those dark Nordic countries who have taken umbrage at my swipe of Saxon’s comical appearance back in 1984. Although I don’t speak Viking, I can pick up the heated tone of comments on the forum aimed Cowboy Col’s way, so let me remind you again my Norse friends – ‘eavy metal is cool, but don’t forget to laugh. The fact that Saxon have a dedicated hard core fan base and web site presence in those Nordic nations comes as a surprise to me. It’s good to have a hobby now that there’s no churches left to burn. JOKE! Anyway, Rob Reiner took inspiration from Saxon for Spinal tap – so it  ain’t just me who finds their appearance humorous. Do you really want a poster of Graham Oliver’s moustache on your bedroom wall? The fact that Paul Quinn battled with losing his locks in the masculine long haired world of HM is funny. Anyway, on the same theme, here is a photo of an unknown Euro metal band from around 1983. Do you know who they are? They look German to me, animal print tank tops, heavy leather belts and yep – a moustache, as favoured by many Deutsch metal man in the early 80s. As for that good looking lady killer at the back left of the photo – Jon Bon Jovi, make way!

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