Rockbrat Wonders: About KISS and Hello Kitty.

I ask you – when is enough enough ? KI$$’s Gene $immons revealed this week that he was scheduled to meet with executives to discuss, in his words, “a KISS-Hello Kitty worldwide deal.” As Japanese company Sanrio’s most recognizable character, Hello Kitty has already joined forces with the rock band X JAPAN to create Visual-Kei Kitty. Although mainly aimed at the pre-adolescent female market, the Hello Kitty product range goes all the way from purses, stickers and pen sets to toasters, televisions, clothing, massagers, and computer equipment. It has a cult-like following among adults as well, especially in Asia, where Hello Kitty adorns cars, purses, jewellery and many other high-end consumer products. Now that’s what I’d like to see – a KI$$ computer, or a KI$$ toaster – “Whooooaa Whooooooa toasters on fire”. Is this all necessary? I mean really. A 96/97 worldwide reunion tour was one thing – but that was almost 15 years ago now – since then we’ve had books, family jewels, coffins, symphonies etc. When will someone call time? In 2011 you have men in their early 60’s wearing wigs and girdles with imposters in the band – it’s almost like a parody,  yet people still flock to these KI$$ shows to see it and will hand over their money to buy all the merch.  Not terribly discerning, and me thinks just more than a non genuine. Personally, I think a lot of the magic and mystique of KI$$ is gone. The only KI$$ related item I’m interested in is Peter Criss’ tell all book – if Geno ever allows it to see the light of day. Now that would be interesting!

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