Mr Rockbrat Wonders: About the 1990 Aerosmith Australian Tour

back to back premierships and an Aerosmith tour weeks later !

When most of the U.S 70’s rock heavyweights had toured Australia in their prime, Aerosmith never did. So on the strength of the top selling (but hideous) Janie’s Got A Gun (said with a mouthful of choppers) single and Pump album, they finally jetted to the land downunder late 1990. Actually this tour by Boston’s finest has always been a bit of a sore point between Cowboy Col and Monsieur Rockbrat. I saw em and he didn’t. Shame shame shame on you partner – cos they were freaking amazing. The Pump tour had been on the road for a year I guess before they made it down here. Being a bigger Tatts man than me, the Cowboy surely woulda dug the tour openers who were the Angry Anderson Band – which featured ex-Angel Hilbun, former Tatt Rob Riley and ex-Blackfoot Bobby Barth in the line-up.That was a powerhouse unit who also did the clubs around town and were amazing. No point repeating the live review for Aersomith which I did some time back here, but from a fan’s perspective I sure coulda done without the Pump tunes in place of maybe some older more obscure tunes though they did crank Draw The Line. The band also did a quick TV interview whislt in Sydney on unfunny man Steve Vizard’s show (remember him ?). Bizarrely the Toxic Twins and Co were kicking their heels up by consuming those hideous pie and pea concoction at the hip (for a time) Harry’s Cafe De Wheels. Antone esle got memories of this tour ? Rockbrat friend Michael Butler recently did a great show  focusing solely on the early track One Way Street which you should check out.   

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