Rockbrat News Flash: Japan Rock Report #2

Unisonic and Trivium = Rockbrat bar time !

The great Michael Monroe and his band fired on all cylinders during their recent visit here in early June. Monroe was spotted out and about in Shibuya as well during down time. Night Ranger also toured during the month of June, but Mr Rockbrat could not make that. Woulda been kinda interesting. Have the spandex and sock ready cos Biff and Saxon have gigs lined up in Tokyo for August. Just let me rock. Summer means rock festivals around the planet, and in Japan as well. Sure Mr Rockbrat is getting on in years but the line-up for the always-popular  Fuji Rock Festival in August looks mighty piss-weak. Wilco are on one night who’d be good but that’s about it and if I had to pick one day out of the three, it’s a tough choice – as most line-up suck the big one. I nearly fell over when I noted that the legendary (albeit Rod-less) Faces are headlining day two ! Most of the youngsters in attendance will be clueless as to who this bunch of legendary London boozers are, although they should be familiar with the frontman – that fat idiot from Simply Red (to quote Our Kid Liam) – sacrilege – it should re Rockin Rod up front or no-one. Japan is a wonderful, but at times truly bizarre place. For instance the other day I walk into a suburban supermarket at lunchtime which was frequented only by stay-at-home moms and back-broken ba chans. Imagine my utter dismay when over the PA I hear (at quite a loud volume mind you) an instrumental version of Rainbow’s Kill The King. Things don’t get any stranger than that, not that Mr Rockbrat is complaining – just very strange that’s all. The Loud 11 festival line-up in October has been announced and with names like Whitesnake, Stryper and Krokus on the bill, you can bet your bandanna Mr Rockbrat will be in attendance. I swear I wouldn’t rifle through the bins of used wax here again, but there’s some real vinyl treasure to be found. Check out some of the great 7″s I collected recently – and yes that early Bjorn and Benny single will be eBay bound ! That’s it folks – thanks for being followers of the Rockbrat Blog !

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