Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Crown Of Thorns – London 1994

Micki Free and Jean Beauvoir - London Marquee 1994 photo: Denis Gray

Who: Crown of Thorns – Marquee London 1994

Me and the Cowboy were bunkered down on a rock n roll tour of duty in the UK in 93/94. Among the many bands we saw were the Jean Beauvoir fronted Crown Of Thorns at the London Marquee. There is much to like about the great Jean.Beouviour. His solo material  from the 80’s is worth your time discovering because is writes classy rock tunes. After his days as a Plasmatic, I zeroed on on him once again though my love of Kiss – seeing his name as a co-songwriter with Stanley during the Animalize days (eg the amazing Thrills In The Night’) – Not sure how he and Stanley crossed musical paths but it’s a blessing that they did.  Actually he and Paul Stanley are very similar style musicians and performers. OK he doesn’t dance and prance like the Starchild (who does !?) but Jean Beauvoir is one of those singers who you focus on most of the show. Looking back the gig was great  and if you search youtube you’ll no doubt come across some footage from this era. Not one of Mr Rockbrat’s technically perfect photographs (eg flash and large black hat) but it’s a window in time of a very cool gig. That’s the very cool Micki Free from with the headband on – one of the most underrated guitar players around (I remember him acknowledging Mr Rockbrat near the backstage door before show time!). Great days. Hike It Up !!!

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