Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: John Paul Young Poster 1988

JPY deserves his place in the history of Australian rock n roll. No one was more deserving of the sucess he enjoyed via the Love Is In The Air single courtesy of the Strictly Ballroom film. Squeak was aired regularly in the 70’s in our household and he wrote and recorded some catchy songs. Saying you like JPY in the mid-80’s would have raised the eyebrows of your supercool rock friends, but if they’d dug a little deeper they woulda discovered an artist with immense talent and a knack for great melodies. Some of the work he recorded with Vanda and Young still sounds great and he has stood the test of time. Seeing live music is about having a good time – and a good time was always had when seeing the JPY band. I just unearthed this poster and the Rockbrat brain reckons it is circa 1988. Johnny Dick and Ronnie Peel also in the photo.

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