Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Killing Time Poster 1991

The couple of times I saw Melbourne’s Killing Time in the very early 90’s were special. They were (at least when Jed Starr was in the line-up) a unique band with catchy, hook-filled songs.  They were of the time – if you consider the musical landscape of 1991. Kurt, Seattle etc etc plus the remnants of the late 80’s hard rock and metal explosion. Their debut ‘Ruby’s Mind’ was a monster, one of the best things Jed ever wrote. In my opinion they became another faceless long-haired rock band when Jed and Tubby departed. They continued on under the guise of Mantissa but still couldn’t crack the big time – good tunes sure, but nothing to set them apart from the rest of the pack. At least Adam, Nina and Co can say they gave it their best shot – and had a crack at the U.S market by way of extensive gigging there. Being a major disciple of Girl Monstar, I would often run into Tubby, Jed and Nina at venues around Melbourne. This gig poster was lifted from the smoky walls of Sydney’s Hopetoun Hotel after playing to a packed house on Sunday 24 February 1991.

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