Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Judas Priest – 1986 Japan Tour Flier

1986 meant turbo perms for Priest (note - that's not Paul Hogan in the centre)

1986 was a great year for rock and metal in general. At least in our household. It had been two years since ‘Defenders of The Faith’ and Judas Priest were back with a new album called Turbo. It is a fantastic record ‘from top to bottom’ as Michael Butler might say. The track ‘Turbo Lover was great and the video had the very chesty Sam Fox in the clip. ‘Locked In’, ‘Out In The Cold’ – great tunes and a great album. The song ‘Parental Guidance’ was penned and aimed directly at Tipper Gore who had taken aim at the band a short time beforehand (what kind of a freakin name is Tipper anyway !). Here we have a flier advertising Priest’s Japan tour of 1986.

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