Rockbrat Wonders: Who Had The Dumbest Haircut In Rock ? Stephen Pearcy

Ratt's Pearcy - great voice - woeful haircut

In this new segment, Mr Rockbrat and Cowboy Col will cast the rock n roll spy glass over some of the most laughable haircuts in rock. Let’s kick off with one of the best of the worst. When it comes to dumb do’s, no one could quite match Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy in the mid-80’s. Unlike most of his hard rock co-horts who had  the long locks grown a la naturale, Pearcy had opted for the long on one side look. I don’t geddit, not back then nor now. This style stayed with him until around the 86/87 era when he altered it.  We are Rockbrat are yet to see another of these lop-sided hairstyles !  I can also remember some US mags at the time (Metal Edge ?) which published reader’s polls stating the same opinion of the head Ratt man’s hair do. Ratt wrote some great tunes and Pearcy was a great frontman but for a time he had the dumbest hair cut in rock ! Next !

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