Rockbrat Wonders: What was up with the ‘batallion jacket’ look of HM bands in the mid 80s?

The Plunk with decorations from the field of battle: "Dont think I cant see you Hamburglar"

In the mid 80’s, plenty of hard rockin’ metal dudes (particularly those of the glam variety) favoured a baffling look that saw them donning ‘battle dress’ type jackets. The bigger the better, resplendent with brass buttons and shoulder tassels – and it all lent itself to the crazy image conscious scene that was mid 80’s metal. I’m pretty sure that Ritchie Sambora donned the long coat with shoulder tassels around 1986, and no one looked more ridiculous in his white naval officer’s jacket and old blue jeans than former Girl/Leppard guitar slinger Phil Collen. In spite of all the zillions they were earning, please don’t try and tell me that the Lepps couldn’t have sought the services of a fashion consultant – at last once. When the late Phil Lynott and Gary Moore teamed up for the ‘Out In The Field’ video, they looked like they were extras from a re-make of ‘The Charge Of The Light Brigade’ – except that skin tight black Levis weren’t around during the Crimean War. How can I not include the Ronald McDonald of rock ‘n’ roll – Steve ‘The Plunk’ Plunkett? The Autograph front man with the crimson shag often donned a battle dress jacket – complete with a chestful of medals. Too funny.  Biff also used to don the battle regalia – even after the Crusade album. Any others  ?        

Ahoy! In the navy it's Captain Feathersword.....

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