Worst Album Art The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Predator – Easy Prey

When it comes to woeful album sleeves, Predator’s ‘Easy Prey’ album from 1985 is one of the worst you’ll come across. Back in the mid 80’s I used to see this record in the racks of Sydney’s Utopia Records in Challis Arcade. Amazing to think that one of the brain surgeons from that store actually paid money to import this kind of crap ! I wonder who the marketing genius was at Predator’s Record company’s who dreamt up such an abysmal idea ? (assuming of course that a bottom feeder band like this had a real label). Sure the HM genre from the 80’s was bombarded by sexist sleeves but this kind of rubbish crosses the line and would be best left in the shady bookstores of Amersterdam. and to think that Tipper Gore and her band of crusading housewives went after bands like Twisted Sister ! Here’s hoping that the starlet on the sand got well paid and was not just handed a token free album.  As I’ve stated previously you cannot judge a book – or in this case a record – by its cover, however in this case you can. Terrible album art, terrible music. Next !

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