Rockbrat Remembers: Classic Heavy Metal Bands – ACID (Belgium)

Kate of ACID - Black Metal Maiden

My rock n roll tastes have changed over the years, yet heavy metal was always my first love. It’s what Mr. Rockbrat and I were weaned on, and I often dive back through the glory daze of metal and unearth an old album or band I haven’t heard in a while. It may be a band that I read about in Kerrang! It may be a band that is not a household name, but it will certainly be a killer band worthy of your attention. In my mind, the best heavy metal came out before 1986, for that was the year that Bon Jovi broke worldwide, and the term (and sound) heavy metal then became somewhat watered down. The sound became lighter, the hair became bigger – and the landscape changed forever. Second division bands like Bullet were ‘heavy metal’ in the truest sense of the word, whereas post Bon Jovi – bands like Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe etc – were not. Therefore, this column, which I hope to make a regular stab at, will focus on long lost metal bands pre-1986. I often flick through two HM books from Cowboy Col’s book library. One is called ‘The Encyclopaedia of heavy metal’ which includes bands up until 1984, the other is called ‘HM album covers’ a Japanese book of 500 odd album covers that Mr. Rockbrat gave me. Great resources and after 25 years, I still enjoy reading through ‘em. So today’s classic band we are going to put the spotlight in is ACID. You think only Plastic Bertand hailed from Belgium ? Wrong.  Acid were an early incarnation of the ‘speed metal genre, heavily influenced by the NWOBHM movement and forming in Brugge in 1980 as Previous Page, before changing their name to Acid. They were a female fronted act, fronted by ‘Kate’ on vocals, Donald “Demon” on lead guitar, Peter “Dizzy Lizzy” on rhythm guitar, Peter “T-Bone” on bass and Geert ‘Anvil’ on drums. They signed to Roadrunner Records in 1981. They release a killer, classic metal EP in 1981 called ‘Hooked On Metal’. Next came there self titled debut album in 1982 called ‘Acid’, followed up by the equally excellent ‘Maniac’ album in 1983. Their final album was 1985’s ‘Engine Beast’. Lyrically, it’s black metal all the way – with tunes about hell, satan, demons etc. Yet don’t be fooled, the melody is not forsaken, heavy riffs, wild guitar explosions, double bassdrums – a thundering sound that was always recognizable – together with the powerful voice of the Kate. The band split in 85 and left three kick ass albums. Go check ‘em out !

2 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Classic Heavy Metal Bands – ACID (Belgium)

  1. wohoo, acid.

    definitely one of the most “not known”-metalbands.
    people often claim “fast as a shark” from accept (1982) as the european speed-metal pioneers.
    but “hooked on metal” from acid (1981) was in my opinion much faster, and older…even

    definitely a must have band in every good metal collection.

    its very sad that they disappeared at all from the metal radar…..

  2. hola sera posible conseguir la letra de la cancion acid, es que he buscado en la web y me ha sido dificil encontrarla, si la pueden publicar se los agardeceria gracoas

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