Rockbrat Remembers: Rick Blaze R.I.P

Rick second from left with The Ballbusters

No longer will you see Rick Blaze walking down Avenue A, or at CBGB’S or any place in NYC’s Lower East Side. You see Rick Blaze left us this week and the world of rock n roll is a lesser place because of it. He lived and breathed the rock n roll life and cut some great records. He figured greatly in the lives of me and my brother, and I was saddened to hear of his passing this week. The thing which made Rick Blaze stand out from the rest was his voice. It was clear and cutting, much like Bon’s or Kevin K’s. The first time you hear it, it jolts you and you think ‘man that guy’s got a great rock n roll voice’. Which he did. He also had a great knack of writing very catchy rock melodies.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard his tune Rockin In New York City, around 1996. It floored me. I remember saying to my brother that if we one day start a record label we should have Rick Blaze on the label – which we did; releasing two album’s worth of fiery, gutter-guitar fury. Rock n roll can chew you up and spit you out and for most it is unjust. However like Bator and Thunders, the rich gathering of recorded material Rick Blaze leaves behind is indeed priceless. Rest in peace brother.

One thought on “Rockbrat Remembers: Rick Blaze R.I.P

  1. Rick Blaze is my brother, he was our families shining star.. He made not have made a shit load of money in the music business, but that isn’t what matters in the end.
    He was very ill for months and he was trying hard to find out what was going on with his health. He died in his sleep in the early morning hours of August 9, 2011.
    He may not have left a fortune, but he left us a legacy of his music which we treasure.
    He did not die a paupers death, he was honorably waked and people from far and away attended. It was astounding to us how many people traveled great distances to come and say farewell to him and give us their condolences.. He was cremated today and his remains will be kept with his family until we find a proper place to release him to the universe..
    He left me something greater than any riches, he left memories a lifetime of love and happiness. I was blessed to be his big sister, and I will love and miss him for the rest of my life..
    Valerie Blaze

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