Rockbrat Remembers: Dirty Dan Buck and The Boyzz

In the early 1980’s, Mr. Rockbrat and I used to sit for hours spinning The Boyzz – Too Wild To Tame LP on the old ’74 Sanyo – loud. As fans of Australian boogie/hard rock bands such as Rose Tattoo and The Angels, Dirty Dan’s Boyzz were much to our liking. I could go on to describe the band, but a fine précis of the band has already been penned by Steve Krakow, in his Secret History of Chicago Music article which appeared in April, 2008 where he wrote, “The Boyzz were among the last of a dying breed—the nasty, kick-ass, seasoned bar band. Formed in Fox Lake in 1977, the group was defined by leather-clad front man Dirty Dan Buck, whose fierce growl could curdle milk. For a biker-boogie group they were pretty unique, with a full-on horn section that featured a few former members of Blood, Sweat & Tears. The band only put out the one album, rough-rockin’ aforementioned album from 1978, which came out on Epic Records. The album was universally panned by critics—an oft-quoted review from the pages of the Reader said, “Too dumb to train is more like it. Boogie till you puke, fellas.” In retrospect, though, there’s no denying the frenzied power of cuts like “Lean n’ Mean” and “Destined to Die.” The band’s second album remains unreleased, alas—despite relentless touring with big acts like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick and famous fans like Meatloaf and Ian Hunter (both of whom would jump onstage to jam with the Boyzz on occasion), Epic unceremoniously dropped them. By 1979 the disenchanted group had splintered, with several members, including guitarist Mike Tafoya, defecting to start the more commercial and power-poppy B’zz, who released one LP, “Get Up Get Angry,” in 1980. Tafoya tried again with the Lost Boyzz, who are still active today, and Dirty Dan Buck carried on in units like Dirt’s Raiders, the Original Sinners, and Dan Buck’s Small Change. In 1999 Buck put together a new version of the Boyzz, which has opened for arena acts like Uriah Heep and Kansas—and played a sold-out show last week at the House of Blues with UFO.” Check out Straight Dope Chicago here, or for additional information, future dates, photos, etc. on Dirty Dan Buck/The Boyzz, visit them online at

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