Rockbrat Remembers: The victims of 9/11 – Ten Years On

A flag is draped over a fire truck at ground zero as an unidentified firefighter walks by. What remains of the World Trade Center can be seen in the background. Image (c)

This blog primarily has a rock n roll theme, yet with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 upon us, I wanted to stop for a moment and reflect upon that fatal day when America’s freedom was challenged. The images of those scumbags flying planes into the twin towers were as shocking as JFK’s assassination, and like millions of others who enjoy the freedoms that a democratic society provides – my heart was heavy, and my eyes were wet that day. Mr Rockbrat and I have friends in NYC and were fortunate to visit the Trade Centre in the early 90s. They were massive buildings. The resolve and will of the people of NYC over the last 10 years has been immense, and they are in my thoughts again – this September 11. As are the fire fighters and all the US and Australian servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. May the victims never be forgotten. Here is a good video with a soundtrack supplied by the great Toby Keith.     

Photo (c)

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