Rockbrat Live Review: Beady Eye: Tokyo, Japan – Mon 12 September 2011

Beady Eye 2011 Japan Tour Flier

Who: Beady Eye
Where: Zepp Tokyo, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
When: Mon 12 September 2011

The Gallagher’s have been a part of the Rockbrat world for so long, they’re like family. The last time I’d seen Liam and Co live was in the snowy setting of Sapporo in early 2009. But here I am a couple of years later and much water has passed under the Oasis bridge, which collapsed in a heap in Paris two years back now. I was once an Oasis follower, now am on the trail of Beady Eye. Personally I would’ve liked the Oasis 2.0 moniker but so be it. I guess having the band’s album adjacent the Merseyside mop tops in album stores sits well with Our Kids as well. A baking hot late summer’s day has Tokyo sweltering, and there is a mass of fans milling around the venue long before show time. These Japanese shows were re-scheduled from May due to radiation concerns and all sold out quickly. Zepp Tokyo is located in Tokyo Bay directly under the giant, illuminating Ferris Wheel and it is a massive live venue. The Oasis hangover can be seen in the old tour tees and Man City shirts which some fans wear proudly. The Man City/fan adulation thing is something best left to ponder another time, but I reckon that football club must’ve shifted tons of team shirts to Oasis fans worldwide over the years. The aging Mr Rockbrat smiled at seeing so many teenagers and youngsters draped in Beady Eye scarfs and shirts. Most must’ve rode the Oasis train late n the day, but it is good to see Beady Eye attracting the youngsters. I did not see one British back packer or zonked english teacher either – a bonus ! Local opening act A Flood Of Circle continue the tradition of non-sensical band names and quickly have the big audience on side. Respect for the artist is important in japanese culture, but I often wonder just when some of these bands are eventually told that they suck. This lot were not half bad, but if it wasn’t for the gorgeous chick on bass I would’ve lost interest.

At dead on 8pm Beady Eye take the stage (‘draped’ with an image of the national flag) with an amazing take of Across The Universe (view live video). Four Letter Word follows and sets the mood for a an evening charged with potent rock n roll. All tunes from the ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ album are aired with the set list changing little since the boys hit the road in March. For mine, Three Ring Circus, Sons Of The Stage and The Roller were my choice cuts. Great on the album and great to hear live. As I watched them though, Gem in Noel’s position, Andy back on guitar, I couldn’t help but wonder what these supposed Oasis demo’s would sound like with The Chief singing and playing some of them. Like a lot of loyal Oasis fans, I am still saddened that they no longer exist. Liam told fans at the debut show in Scotland to ‘get off the fence’. Sure. But I ain’t a fence sitter….and I see his point. But it would be in Our Kid’s best interests to hear what long time disciples are saying and churn out well-loved tunes like Songbird once in a while. Your past is what made you and you should acknowledge that occasionally. A couple of Oasis tunes

Tokyo’s rock fraternity gather before Beady Eye

live would send already frenzied fans into a spin. Just my two yens worths. A great set from a genuine rock n roll band. Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Rockbrat Live Review: Beady Eye: Tokyo, Japan – Mon 12 September 2011

  1. To omit ANY Oasis tunes from the B.E set cart blanch desont make sense. Sure, I can understand his reluctance to not do Noel’s somngs, (which leaves the 1% Liam wrote), but not even ‘Songbird’? Respect for his intent for B.E songs to stand on their own merit, and as good as these songs are, objectively, the B.E albums sounds rushed and a little underdone. People here in the UK go to see B.E cos it’s basically Oasis. To keep packing em in – they are going to have to have to shift the songwriting up a gear – yet will those songs be as good as Noel’s or Oasis? I doubt it. No one wrote songs as good as Noel. Liam cant escape the fact that people want to hear Oasis tunes. Sure they came out of the blocks quickly, but when Noel’s album comes out – B.E may be forced to come up with better tunes.

  2. Beady Eye was right not to include Oasis songs this first time around, although they’ve said they will next time. New Order waited a while to play Joy Division songs and that worked out just about right.

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