Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Sheek the Shayk ‘I Want Her So Bad’ 7″ Single

What: Sheek The Shayk 7″ vinyl record
Winning Bid: No Bids
Starting Bid: $2.95
Sale Date: 26 July 2011

Description: Original Australian vinyl pressing of Sheek The Shayk ” I Want Her So Bad b/w Wig Out, Big Daddy O “. With picture cover. 1999 Vicious Kitten Records. N.Mint/ VG+ ( Cover has slight signs of wear ).

Back in 1999 the Cowboy and I (mostly the Cowboy) were focusing on our new record label. This gem featuring ex-Psychotic Turnbuckle and Hard-Ons members (ahem) was the first release and what a scorcher it was. The proof that killer rock roll often goes unheard and unnoticed is indicated by this recent eBay listing. No doubt a former Rock n Roll Soldier has gone AWOL, no longer fighting the war against the jive and is selling off their wax. No takers at a low, low starting price. Criminal.  This was a great slab of loud, fuzzed out garage rock and we were proud to have them on the roster.

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