What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Kiss – Live at the Gaumont, Ipswich UK 1984

Here is a record which brings back some memories. Purchased back in the day at one of Sydney’s inner city record stores (hint – near Big Al’s) it cost me most of my pay packet. As I was a blinkered Kiss devotee it made no difference. Who needs food or rent money when you have a Kiss live show to digest. Thinking back I listened to this live recording in awe. Green with envy of those who lived in Ipswich in the UK and were witnessing Kiss live. Simmons and Stanley can state what they want, however Australian Kiss fans copped a raw deal in the 80’s, with no tour downunder ever given serious thought. ‘we always wanted to come back’….or ‘we love our Aussie fans’ etc etc. As someone who was there and living through that time, I would scan the pages of the music press news and pray for a tour. So things like live vinyl bootlegs of dubious quality were about as real as we could get to a live Kiss show. If you include a 1982 Creatures Of The Night promo visit, the band visited the UK three years running. Good for some. Listening back on this some years later, I have trouble sitting through some of these tunes. Back in the mid-80’s though it was a different story. I would’ve defended Kiss with a great amount of vigour (I once ordered a friend out of our family home as he insinuated Ace was gay). It is a good trip down memory lane listening to this, but the band sound tired and Simmons at times uninterested. Check out the Gothenburg show from this tour where he forgets the lyrics to Detroit Rock City !  If you nabbed this copy on eBay some time back you now have the story behind this album – an album which got played loudly on the 1974 Sanyo Rockbrat Stereo. How loud ? Eleven, eleven, eleven…all the way up to eleven.

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