Classic Rock Pic From The Past: Ace Frehley and Laney Amps – Unmasked in 1985

After a couple of years hibernation,  by 1985, Ace Frehley  was starting to make himself visible again in the public domain. Musically, there was a bootleg that came out with his band that was recorded at NYC’s L’amour, with speculation rife amongst the KISS fanzines at that time about Ace’s actual appearance – what did he look liked unmasked ? Whilst his former cohorts in KI$$ showed the world what they looked like without the greasepaint in 1983 (though by then the majority of the rock world couldn’t have cared less) people still didn’t know what Ace looked like without his Spaceman paint. So it’s 1985 and Mr. Rockbrat and I are regular readers of Circus Magazine (“Just 16, Circus Magazine got the keys to her Daddy’s new car” – The Dictators ‘Loyola’) and shell out the whopping price of $4.60 to buy copies of the mag import every month. Circus was a lifeline for us to what was happening in the US hard rock world and was indispensible. Lo and behold, in a mid 1985 issue there is a full page advert for Laney amps with Ace advertising them. Here it is, 26 years later for your viewing pleasure. Might not mean much nowadays, but back then, a photo of Ace without his make up was a big deal.

One thought on “Classic Rock Pic From The Past: Ace Frehley and Laney Amps – Unmasked in 1985

  1. I remember this photo. Circus and Creem magazine, combined with regional magazines, were the primary source of information in rock n’ roll back then. In particular the Creem issues from the 70s had tons of photos that I’ve seen being resold on EBay although credits have been removed. Where else was I supposed to see pictures of Bowie, David Johansen, and Lou Reed falling into each other at a dingy club ? Rolling Stone magazine was a joke preferring rather to cover politics and sports over music. Anyway back to this picture of Ace. I’ll have to say that while he wasn’t the most photogenic guy I’ve ever seen it didn’t really matter as there was a dearth of pictures of him sans makeup so photos like this back then were gold. I remember talking over this photo with my friends and band members wondering if Laney amps were any good, (that’s another topic altogether). But the jumpsuit looked somewhat similar to the standard clothing issue at the county jail. Also Ace looks a bit winded here as if he fell back into the stack to catch his breath. Also this being the days well before Photoshop I’m wondering if they did any manual layovers on this though it looks like an integrated shot. These days they would just assemble it in layers including different body parts.

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