What’s The Rockbrat Viewing Today ? MUD – TIGER FEET – Top Of The Pops (1974)

One can only look back at this type of stuff and cringe. I dig the tune, who doesn’t like ‘Tiger Feet’? It was the UK’s best-selling single of 1974 but the clip is very, very gay. Its Christmas 1974 and Mud are on the Top Of The Pops Christmas Special. It’s a boys club. Even Bay City Rollers got chicks. Sure they were 12, but as this video shows, MUD were a boys band! The band are dancing around in circles, the guys are dancing with each other, MUD scarves tied to their wastes, the band are in pink dinner suits. Mr Rockbrat and I used to kill ourselves laughing at this clip – I still find it funny. Check out front man Les Gray’s hair cut and shades. Sheesh – he looks like Roy Masters with a bad wig! I don’t want to be too unkind to Les, (may he rest in peace) but bloody hell – he keeps adjusting his glasses throughout the clip to add that touch of showmanship.  Mud were an RAK Records band, a Micky Most band, a Chin/Chapman band – and it shows. They have many of the same hallmarks of other Chin / Chapman bands of the UK early 70’s glitter scene, but this video? The guitar player is wearing Christmas balls as earrings – very risqué back than, and is wearing what looks to be something out of Dame Edna Everidge’s wardrobe. Yet it’s the four lads – who are about 16 or 17 and no doubt staunch members of the Mud fan club that take the cake. Charged with unreleased testosterone and confused sexuality, the lads do the monkey with each other and indulge in some simulated jerking off on the chorus. All this was considered normal huh. Yet so was Paul Gadd. C’mon – there were NO girls in the Mud fan club who could have taken part here ? Very funny none the less.

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