Rockbrat Live Review: Aerosmith: Tokyo, Japan – Mon 28 November 2011

Aerosmith back in Japan - Mr Udo does it again !

Who: Aerosmith
Where: Tokyo  Dome, Bunkyo, Tokyo Japan
When: Mon 28 November 2011

Y’know what folks, let’s not kid ourselves here. In 2011 there is f**k all out there in the world of rock n roll which gets Mr Rockbrat fired up and rockin’. When you have Metallica doing experimental records with Lou Reed, Kiss doing shows on Cruise Liners – twerps like Justin Bieber in the charts – I ask you ? who will save rock n roll ? Thank the Lord above for Aerosmith folks, because I was in the presence of rock n roll royalty earlier this week when Boston’s finest hit Tokyo with full force.

What can I say that had not already been said about this band ? In fact the last time I saw this band was 21 years ago back in Australia and on that occasion they were supported by the Angry Anderson band ! Time has moved on and yes, they look a little older, but man they put bands half their age to shame. Perry and Tyler are cool beyond belief.  But let me back track. Tokyo Dome is massive – in fact it is an indoor baseball stadium which holds around 45000 people.  I had a nose bleed seat but it mattered not. I was there ! Merchandise stands in this country usually open way before the show starts and this one opened at around 3PM. Tons of the usual shit available – but they were selling the just released 35th anniversary deluxe CD Box of ROCKS, which has tons of goodies inside.

So armed with another tee-shirt and tour book for my collection, I head inside the venue and am bar bound. There is no opening act which suits me fine, and Aerosmith hit the stage dead on 7pm. Highlights for me were many. A great opening version of Draw The Line, a fresh sounding and loud Mama Kin, and my favorite memory is Tyler on the piano playing Dream On, as Joe Perry stands atop the thing and wails away. The full set was:

Draw the Line
Love In An Elevator
Monkey On My Back
Janie’s Got A Gun
Livin’ on the Edge
Mama Kin
–Drum Solo–
Lick And A Promise
Hangman Jury
What It Takes
Last Child
Red House
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
Sweet Emotion

Dream On
Train Kept A Rollin’
Walk This Way

Aersomith, like KISS and many other bands are caught between playing the radio hits for the masses and throwing in a couple of older tunes for the devotees. Would I have liked to have swapped the big hits for tunes like Jailbait, My fist your face, Let the music do the talking or back in the saddle ? Sure, but that aint never gonna happen. Actually some months back Joey Kramer asked fans on his Twitter page what songs they should play on this tour, and I kept on typing one way street, one way street play one way street, but to no avail.

Overall a great, fun show – with a great vibe where everyone had a blast. I do not care what is popular or what is current in the world of music today – because as long as I can still see Tyler and Joe Perry sharing the mike, before an adoring massive crowd, – well to me that IS rock n roll personified.

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