Rockbrat Wonders: What Are Mr Rockbrat’s Top 5 albums of 2011?

This post follows on from the Cowboy Col’s Top 5 for 2011. All of these albums are rockbrat approved, so here we go, Mr Rockbrat’s Top 5 albums of 2011 (in no particular order).

Beady Eye  – Different Gear, Still Speeding: In a word – ‘truly amazing’.  OK that’s two words. With tracks such as ‘Four Letter Word’, The Roller, ‘Standing On The Edge Of The Noise’ and ‘Sons Of The Stage’ this year got off to a rollicking start. Who gives a shit if they don’t play any Oasis tunes live – they are a killer rock n roll band and this album is just as good as anything the Gallagher’s have ever produced. Read all about it here

Noel Gallagher – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Topping the charts everywhere and selling out shows in minutes. Noelly G took some time to release this, but man was it worth the wait. George Martin’s ‘songwriter of his generation’ comment some years back was spot on. His voice superb and his range sounds better than ever. ‘Everybody’s on the Run’, ‘Dream On’, ‘If I Had A Gun’….soon to be classics adored by millions. Finally we get to hear the Stop The Clocks track which was floating around as an Oasis demo for some time.  Liam stating that they are ‘boring’ and ‘no attitude’ – of course he is gonna say that. It’s about time ma Peggy cracked their two heads together ! As good as this is, and it is very good – I sincerely hope for Oasis to re-unite and re-conquer the world. If you ain’t got your kid brother a Christmas gift yet, avoid the Lou Reed and Metallica album and give him some quality. Start him on the road to cool rock n roll.

Aerosmith – Rocks (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – Japan Only): 35 years old and it still sounds better than anything I hear coming out today. Sure it is a re-release but who cares. Many younguns would not know much about Aerosmith so this is a great place to start. This album was the band’s fourth and is packed with cool, raw, guitar-crunching anthems. This edition just came out here in Japan to co-inside with their tour and at 5000 yen is one very cool pickup. There is a replica of the first Japan tour program, first Japan tour poster, postcards, a concert ticket replica and some replica artwork  from the 7″ singles Home Tonight, Back In The Saddle and Last Child. Back in 1976 this album peaked at number 3 on the US charts. Back in the Saddle, Last Child, Sick as a Dog, Get the Lead Out, Lick and a Promise – do I really need to go on ? ‘Rocks’ has long been one of my favorite Aerosmith records and a deluxe edition like this is a great way to commemorate an iconic album.

Happy Alone – Yeah No Yeah (single) – Happy Alone consist of Anne McCue and Simon Kerr. This single – released mid-year – quickly won me over with its pleasant 60’s vibe – but think mid-60’s London and you’re on my wavelength.  This is one very catchy tune with some nice harmonies and I am very much looking forward to an album’s worth of material. Their web site can be viewed here.

Michael Monroe – Sensory Overdrive CD – Cowboy Col has already mentioned this one so I will not repeat myself. It was an honor to see him live this past summer. Amazing performer.

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