What’s The Rockbrat Viewing Today? SALTY DOG – Come Along

A recent comment from Itless God (Hitler’s God?) to the Rockbrat forum where he took exception to my review of the Salty Dog album from 1990. That’s fine itless, you are entitled to your opinion, as is Cowboy Col. To show you that Cowboy Col is objective, I’ll let the people decide. Here is a video from the Peppered Cat, I mean the Salty Dog called ‘Come Along’. What I really like about is the originality, both in the video performance and the song. Any song that opens with “She’s My Hot Dog Bun” and follows it up with quality Dylan-like lyrics about ‘old mother hubbard’ and ‘sweet little lady let the cat out of the bag” can only be good. Right? Wasn’t it so fresh to see a band offer up some innovation in their video – headbanging, rock posing, strutting, white cowboy coots, cut off battalion jacket, low slung Gibsons and open shirts. Why didnt this win an MTV Awward?  More on the song. Non sunset strip derivitave at all huh, and who said anything about a squawking parrot like vocal? Not me chum. If the Peppered Cat is your favourite band? Good old ignorant bliss hey. You really wanna hear an overlooked album from 1990? Try The Lime Spiders ‘Beethovens Fist’. Anyway,  I am so envious itless – as you say, “The original Geffen release sells for big money” and I dont have one. Sit back folks and enjoy the salty ones……….

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