Rockbrat Wonders: Who Is The Most Ridiculous Looking Band In Heavy Metal? Gamma Ray

After debating the ‘dude’ from Salty Dog this week, I was reminded of just how many folks  out there take their rock n roll WAY to seriously. So to put things back into perspective, and it being the season of good will etc, I am sharing another contender for the title of world’s most ridiculous looking HM band  ! Achtung Rockbrat readers because those wacky Germans have done it again ! This pic of Gamma Ray’s Kai Hansen and Ralf Scheepers even made magazine cover art ! Now either the editors at Japan’s Burrn Magazine are premier piss takers or they just love Gamma Ray ! Actually they just love Gamma Ray. Bands like Gamma Ray, Helloween etc have always managed to find a large following here in Japan, so go figure. These photographs offer much in the area of humour. Big Ralf (Australian for Dave) has the mullet to rival Monsieurs Cyrus and Boltin and would look a treat when tied  back in a pony tail. He also looks like he ‘lifts and shit’ and has gone the Harry Highpants tuck. Brilliant. To his left is guitarist Kai. Does the tuck compliment those with rainbow braces ? You be the judge. He’s also a ranga of major proportion and looks like he was battling Mr Receder. But he is still pining for a mullet ! Amazing ! These images are evidence that in late 1991 – the metal and rock genre really was on its last legs – where fashion was indeed a vomit mixture. Next !
oh and by the way I would rather listen to Gamma Ray than the aforementioned Salty Dog ANY day of the week.

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