What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? John Lennon/Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy

Today it is 31 years since a cowardly, chubby little troll robbed the world of one of the greatest songwriters ever – and one of my rock n roll heroes. I hate the word ‘anniversary’ which people often use to remember this day. Anniversaries are usually filled with fondness and good thoughts and that was a bleak day in history. Nothing good to remember at all about December 8th, 1980. But today, as I always do, I listen to nothing else but Lennon. It is a ritual I have followed for many many years. Some years this has been performed with friends at gatherings and also in pubs. But today I remember John Lennon in private – alone with the solitude and personal privacy of my MP3 player.
If John Lennon has touched your life, today is a day to remember him. It is a day to cry. It is a day where I shake my head in disbelief at such a senseless waste. I have been listening  a lot to Double Fantasty. It was played over and over at our family Christmas parties back in 1980 – so I know the thing backwards. Yoko’s tunes intertwined with John’s work SO WELL on this record. Actually if someone asks you what is the best thing which Yoko Ono ever recorded tell them to buy this album. I do not think she ever bettered her tunes than the one’s contained here. If I had to choose my favorites ? Man that is hard. (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Watching the Wheels, I’m Losing You, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Dear Yoko, Yes, I’m Your Angel, Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him….all great !

I so wish that the sessions recorded with Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen and Bun E Carlos had’ve made the final cut – because they sound much heavier than what was released. I ain’t complaining though – just my two cents worth and definitely nothing to get hung about.
As I write this I am moments away from firing up my beloved Honda and riding out into the grey skies of Eastern Japan. It really ain’t that far away from the Kanazawa region where the Lennon’s would spend vacations in the late 70’s. He is very well known in this country. A god – and rightly so. I will soon cast my eye skyward and smile – thinking of how much great music this one man left behind. Music which continues to make so many millions of people happy. What an amazing individual.

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