Rockbrat Wonders: What was up with the ‘bicycle shorts in rock’ look ?

Cannot rage for order in your cycling Gutchie Kojima
Ratt's Stephen Pearcy attempts to start a fashion trend - complete with armadillo ! photo: John Harrell

A clear sign that hard rock and metal was in trouble in 1991, can be seen by looking back on the retarded fashion styles of many bands; many just trying anything new to cling on to their dwindling fame that little bit longer. One of the more disturbing pieces of stage apparel were the bicycle shorts. Okay – in classic rock-speak, they are essentially cut-off spandex, but nevertheless the emergence of them and growing trend among some vocalists had me scratching the ol’ brain. Queensryche’s Geoff Tate, Motley’s Vince Wharton, Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy, hell even the great Michael Schenker picked up on the habit. The fact that Candy Harlot vocalist Aiz Lynch copied the trend meant that it spread across the rock world – sadly. The worst culprit was Axl Rose – bike shorts and monogrammed baseball shoes were a far cry from his cowboy boots and the West Hollywood sleaze that’s for certain. Some two decades later I am still perplexed at this bizarre look. Fortunately, it was something which never lasted and is definitely best forgotten….

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